Marijuana Decriminalization (Off Schedule One)

Let States Decide on Marijuana Legalization!

Worried about the Opioid Epidemic? Maybe pot (and CBD oils-which don’t contain THC) is a big piece of the answer!

Michigan Should Create “Pot for Potholes”

Through my role as caregiver, hospice volunteer, and a friend, I have seen the medicinal benefits of marijuana beyond a doubt. Although the Opioid Epidemic has been featured as a national problem, there are few real discussions about how to end it.

Building a Wall on the Southern Border is not the Solution!

Research is the medicinal effects are now clear. With both Marijuana and CBD Oils (no THC or “high”) have been proven to help patients with MS, Epilepsy, Cancer, veterans with PCSD and the list goes on and on.  Anxiety and pain can be controlled through either, Marijuana or for those who don’t want the “high” feeling of it, CBD oils can replace many medications, and reduce reliance on opioids and other drugs.

“And because people are already using it, we should tax it, make billions and use that money to rebuild our infrastructure”

In 5 years the national market for legalized marijuana is estimated to be $10.2 Billion dollars. States like Colorado and California have seen a massive increase in tax revenues, safer distribution, and have helped many people suffering from disease and addiction.

I may not choose it for myself, but I support existing bi-partisan federal legislation to take it off Schedule 1, and let the states decide to profit or not from something that may chip away at the Opiod epidemic.

Gets the Facts and Vote YES in November!

From a recent study by the JAMA – Journal of American Medical Association

On a Political Note, the Rolling Stone article featured above states the “real politics” of the legislation vs. ballot initiative. Republicans considered passing it through legislation for political reasons.

Just like the 2014 Minimum Wage of $10.10 that made it as a ballot initiative, they knew turnout would be huge. Republicans knew that (they have pollsters too) and somehow (don’t ask me how, because I called out Minority House Leader, Tim Greimel, to not negotiate with Republicans to go for a lower minimum wage, in order to “take it off the ballot”  – which they knew would kill turnout. Bernie Porn, of EPIC-MRA, did a poll for the Detroit Free Press that proved, in fact, that turnout was drastically reduced as a result. The 2014 turnout was a disaster. I predicted that and I confronted Leader Greimel with this disastrous political (and economic issue) for Democrats and minimum wage earners.

“Republicans tried to play the same game with the Marijuana Ballot Initiative, they tried to pass it through legislation, so they could water it down, and kill turnout. Fortunately, they failed.”

Nancy Skinner