International Affairs (Upside Down)

WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?  Our Allies are Enemies and Enemies are Allies?

Since Donald Trump took over as President, the world has become completely destabilized. Campaigning to be the “Rogue Rough Guy”, Trump continued what most political observers said was for “domestic consumption” and he would pivot to “act more presidential”. They were wrong. He got worse. The power, maybe of all those base rallies, but Trump quickly withdrew from the Paris 2015 Climate Agreement, making the United States the only nation in the world not to sign the Agreement, 30 years in the making. The result is a major setback, not only for action on climate change, but the US competitiveness in the race for the clean energy technologies of the future. Trump did this, after personal pleas from French President Macron, German Chancellor Merkel, and the rest of our EU and NATO allies. The only holdout was Russia, because Putin said he couldn’t sign it, until after his 2018 “reelection”, which he obviously would win. (They don’t do democracy in Russia. Opposition leaders and Media are in fact mysteriously assassinated).

Business Leaders were out front in support of the Paris Agreement, and when Trump withdrew, many of the President’s Business Council Leaders resigned in protest.

He bullied his way through the G-20 (literally pushing aside Prime Ministers for “photo ops”, supported Brexit (where we now know Russian bots also interfered in that vote and where the UK lost substantial global economic power). He called to congratulate dictatorial regimes in Turkey, Russia (where his National Security briefing notes led with “DO NOT CONGRATULATE PUTIN ON HIS ELECTION”, which is exactly what he preceded to do – congratulate a master former KGB agent, who help sell off the former Soviet Union assets to his friends, called Oligarchs, as long as they stayed in good stead.

Trump announced a one-on-one meeting with Kim Jun Un (after going off-prompter with his “Fire and Fury” ad-lib), and publicly declared he didn’t need to prepare for a N. Korea Summit, because it was more about “attitude”. He left that Summit, committing to end joint Korean military exercises (without informing the Pentagon), using language by his adversary that they were “provocative”.  Those exercises keep 30k US Troops and an estimated 25 million civilians in Seoul safe. He even floated removing US troops completely from the Peninsula, alarming the US National Security  community.

Recent news reports are that N. Korea has in fact, went back to increasing and rebuilding their nuclear capacity, and Trump walked away with literally nothing, but the usual N. Korean blather.


Trump, having little understanding of global economic and financial operations, has launched a trade war with tariffs that were targeted initially on steel and aluminum, exempting allies like Canada, then letting those exemptions lapse, and literally causing our best ally, Canada, to publicly push back against our country.  Canada, the EU and China have now retaliated targeting Trump states. Trump, is now threatening to escalate an all-out trade war by banning imports of automobiles. The US Auto industry has reacted with alarm, desperately trying to inform the administration an import tariff on foreign vehicles would cripple the US industry and its suppliers, as Trump does not understand the nature of a “global supply chain” in the auto industry.

Turns out being a Real Estate Developer does not qualify one to understand the complexities of geopolitical alliances and adversaries, complex global financial transactions, the interdependence of global trade, or how to to make the necessary changes without blowing it all up (yes – he floated abolishing the WTO)- and seeing where the pieces hit the ground. Those who do know these things, are guessing not so well.