Environment & Climate

It’s the Climate, Stupid

Not to disparage any other issue, but if we don’t get this one right, nothing else matters, (i.e. the long run on issues of education, immigration, the national debt) – all of them are adversely impacted.

Most Americans don’t understand the urgency to Act on Climate. The Paris Agreement 2C as the highest rise we can hit before abrupt climate feedback loops, start runaway climate emergencies (extreme weather events) much faster than scientists first predicted.

With business as usual, The WMO predicted a 4C rise, others say 6 C, , but investments in rebuilding a sustainable infrastructure will create a high-paying jobs boom. an UNLIVEABLE HELLSCAPE. It will cost the world $355 Trillion in GDP NOT TO ACT. Renewable technologies are now cheaper than fossil fuels in many places. For the Great Lakes, I would shut down Enbridge Line 5 immediately with legislation that replaced it with vast Wind Farms far out of site, that could power the Midwest. I’ve spent 25 years on Climate, Energy & Environment and will lead, not just sit on the back bench.

I traveled to Penn State with a fine film crew and interviewed Michael Mann, one of nation’s top climate scientists, and early participant on the IPCC Panels, and conducted this in depth interview about the intersection of climate change and politics – and how dangerous a Trump Presidency would be for the planet.


“Trust me, the stakes are much higher in 2018”

Nancy Skinner