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August 4, 2018 only two of five candidates in MI-11 showed up for the Unity Mosque’s Candidate Forum in West Bloomfield, Nancy Skinner and Fayrouz Saad.

Nancy decided at her last public chance to disclose that she too, had become a #MeToo Victim while running for office, and after the first harassment call, Nancy taped them (because the one thing that Roy Moore accuser’s and Jim Jordan’s accuser’s didn’t have was evidence), which is why Trump could support them for their bald face denials of multiple accusations.

Tonight, I decided to say how exactly the #MeToo Issue got swept under the rug. Not just for me as a victim, but as another male candidate, in a position of power who allegedly helped settle a sexual harassment lawsuit for $100,000 all told, for a Dem House Member, (who already  eight felony convictions, and was facing three more). Rep. Brian Banks was sued for wrongful termination in 2013 by staffer Tramiane Cotton, after refusing sexual advances. Taxpayers paid the bill for that settlement, Banks faced no consequences, and in fact in the same Detroit News article,

Greimel said Banks has proven himself a hard-working advocate for his district and expressed confidence he will “continue that work for his constituency”.

Seriously? I know it was 2016 and all, pre #MeToo, but was it ok before then?

Following that, we moved on to explain why we are running, and often endure a harder time as male candidates.

It was an important discussion about the direction that the Trump administration is taking to divide Americans, and erode civil liberties that our Founding Father’s help sacred.

And we addressed the new surveillance methods that are being used on American citizens, and the breakdown of Constitutional protections.