Scott Pruitt’s Damage goes beyond EPA & Ethics – It Affects the Planet

It’s time to face the truth: Scott Pruitt was tasked with carrying out the agenda of Big Oil (as he was so famously successful at back as AG in Oklahoma).

Read this Rolling Stones Piece on Scott Pruitt


Scott Pruitt, is the Swampiest of the Swamp. Now, we know he asked donors to find his wife a job over $200k, asked Trump to fire Jeff Sessions and appoint him, has been given sweetheart deals on rent, used employees taxpayer time to find him special lotions and even used Trump Hotel mattresses. He fired whistle-blowers when he exceeded his legal expenditures on First Class Trips across the world, erased appointments off his public calendar (including a Bishop indicted on child sex charges), paid $43 for a phone booth and 24/7 security, unheard of for Cabinet matters. Yet, Trump keeps him. Why? Pruitt will undo every environmental protection that the RNC Big donors, including the Koch Brothers, want (rolling back clean air, water, drilling on all coastal waters, coal waste in rivers, farm runoff that pollutes the Great Lakes, etc. There is no one more hostile to the environment than Scott Pruitt. Despite 14 investigations into his ethics and illegal actions, he still has a job. This is so wrong,





So what did the Trump Tax Cuts Really Accomplish?

Trump Sold his Tax Cuts as Well as “Trump University” (i.e.  It was a scam)

It was supposed to be for the “forgotten people” who voted him in, yet the analysis shows that it was the rich “foreigner investors” ($48 Billion) and richest Americans who just ballooned your kids Debt.

READ The Hills Analysis. The $4000 tax cut is averaging $324 a year for you. The permanent corporate tax cut, which was supposed to make taxpayers $9,000, has helped foreign investors amass 43% of the nearly $2 Trillion Debt Buster.






Chaos is not working out so well!

Trump punts the border crisis to a broken Congress

(Even though Republicans control both chambers, and had some Democrat support, the hardliners could not come to compromise legislation).

Trump Tweeted that they shouldn’t bother. Now what?

Chaos defined: Initiate a zero tolerance policy where international rule of law allows everyone a chance to seek political asylum, while planning to separate children from their parents without any plan to re-unite them, intolerable accommodations with kinds on cement floors in cages, and babies and toddlers hysterical. Now, Trump is forcing parents to leave the US without their kids, or stay here indefinitely without reunification, even though many have been granted permission by judges to stay and seek asylum. It’s monstrous. Period.